Churchill Gardens Tenants Association
Glasgow Terrace
London, SW1V 3AL

Venue: Chruchill Gardens Hall

Directions: From Pimlico Station, walk due West along Lupus Street for 5-7 mins and Glasgow Terrace is on the left. At the first corner there is a door with an entry buzzer. It buzzes behind the bar, not in the playing hall itself. Once in, you go up a flight of stairs that is straight ahead and through either door at the top.

Starting time is 6.30pm prompt, there will be some opening announcements so please be there to listen to them. Game default time is 7.15pm. There is a bar downstairs where players will be welcome to analyse if they wish. The club’s sets and boards, but not clocks, may be borrowed but please return them.

Time control is G/75 with a 15″ increment from move 1. There is no cutoff time. Phones must be turned off.

During the team league season we also host matches between other clubs who play in the London Public Service League or the Central London League.  In total, on a typical Thursday evening there are around 30 boards in play, in reasonable comfort. There is also a self contained kitchen where coffee, tea and biscuits are available free of charge.


The following COVID risk assessment has been formulated following Government guidelines, with the principal aim of reducing risk, but bearing in mind relevant practicalities. Our new venue, Churchill Gardens Hall, is a similar size to LALGRA, but with surround windows, a balcony and much better ventilation. The following rules have been formulated assuming, that given chess players demographic, that the vast majority of players will have been fully vaccinated.

  1. The hall will be well ventilated with all windows and the exterior balcony doors open. The central air conditioning will also be in operation.
  2. Hand gel sanitiser will be available to all.
  3. The boards will be spaced as far apart as possible on 6 feet tables. When watching games other than their own, players must maintain a distance of at least 1 metre.
  4. Players who have any COVID symptoms including fever, coughing or sniffing are barred from the venue. Anyone with symptoms at the board will be asked to leave and their game forfeited.
  5. Mask wearing in the venue is strongly recommended, but optional. Masks will be available in the hall.

These rules may change with time and government guidelines to further mitigate risk.

Note that we are in the middle of a residential area. Please moderate noise levels, particularly when leaving the venue or using the smoking area.

Absolutely no parking on the estate road.       

All visitors and members are responsible for the security and safety of their personal belongings. 

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