U140 Club Championship

The 2016/17 event is now concluded. No clear winner emerged.

Details of the 2017/18 event will be published shortly.

Single round, all play all. All moves in 75 minutes plus 15 seconds per move. Toss for colours. July 2016 grades.

The following have so far entered the 2016/17 event:-

Steve Sonnis 137

Keith Dunmore 135

Peter Biggs 131

Alasdair Fraser 125

Tim Crouch 120

Bryan Gittens 112

Paul Haughton 105

Ron Farrimond 100

Des Austin 91

Macer Hall 90

Steve Simon 86

Ash Valjee u/g


Results to 28 April, white named first:-


Austin beat Hall

Austin lost to Fraser

Farrimond beat Gittens

Dunmore beat Crouch

Dunmore drew with Sonnis

Haughton beat Farrimond

Sonnis drew with Biggs

Simon lost to Fraser

Sonnis beat Gittens

Austin lost to Dunmore

Fraser beat Hall

Dunmore drew with Biggs

Simon lost to Austin

Biggs beat Crouch

Simon lost to Gittens

Austin lost to Haughton

Crouch beat Gittens

Farrimond beat Simon

Crouch beat Haughton

Crouch beat Farrimond

Gittens lost to Dunmore

Valjee drew with Simon

Austin lost to Gittens

Valjee lost to Fraser

Haughton lost to Fraser

Valjee beat Austin

Dunmore drew with Fraser

Haughton beat Simon

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