Pimlico Fixtures & Results 2019-20

London League 5 opponents will be added when the fixtures are published around the end of August.

Th 12 Sep Pimlico4 K Head2 CLL3
Th 12 Sep P Home DHSS1 LPSCL1
Th 12 Sep TfL Pimlico3 CLL2
W 18 Sep DHSS2 Pimlico3 LPSCL2
Th 19 Sep Athenaeum Pimlico K CLL1
Th 19 Sep Pimlico B Railsport CLL1
Th 19 Sep SW Juniors Pimlico4 CLL3
M 23 Sep DHSS3 Pimlico4 LPSCL3
Th 26 Sep P Home P Justice LPSCL1
Th 3 Oct Pimlico K Battersea2 CLL1
Th 3 Oct Pimlico B Rangers CLL1
Th 3 Oct HMC3 Pimlico4 CLL3
Tu 8 Oct GLCC1 P Home LPSCL1
W 9 Oct DHSS1 P Justice LPSCL1
Th 10 Oct Pimlico4 Hammersmith CLL3
Th 10 Oct Pimlico3 L Deaf CLL2
Tu 15 Oct GLCC2 Pimlico3 LPSCL2
Th 17 Oct Pimlico K Railsport CLL1
Th 17 Oct Battersea2 Pimlico B CLL1
Th 17 Oct Pimlico4 KCL2 CLL3
Th 24 Oct Athenaeum Pimlico B CLL1
Th 24 Oct P Justice UNATS1 LPSCL1
Th 24 Oct HMC2 Pimlico3 CLL2
Th 24 Oct Pimlico4 LL5
Th 31 Oct Rangers Pimlico K CLL1
Th 31 Oct Pimlico B HMC1 CLL1
Th 31 Oct Pimlico3 Treasury2 LPSCL2
Th 31 Oct Pimlico4 UNATS2 LPSCL3
W 6 Nov Treasury1 Pimlico3 LPSCL2
Th 7 Nov UNATS1 P Home LPSCL1
Th 7 Nov W London Pimlico3 CLL2
Th 7 Nov Pimlico4 Treasury3 LPSCL3
Th 14 Nov Pimlico B Battersea1 CLL1
Th 14 Nov HMC1 Pimlico K CLL1
Th 14 Nov Pimlico3 Revenue2 LPSCL2
Th 14 Nov Pimlico4 LL5
W 20 Nov KCL1 Pimlico3 CLL2
Th 21 Nov P Home Railsport1 LPSCL1
Th 21 Nov Revenue1 P Justice LPSCL1
Th 21 Nov Pimlico4 Streatham CLL3
Th 28 Nov Pimlico4 LL5
Th 28 Nov Pimlico K Battersea1 CLL1
Th 28 Nov HMC1 Pimlico B CLL1
Th 5 Dec Hammersmith Pimlico4 CLL3
Th 5 Dec Pimlico3 HMC2 CLL2
Th 12 Dec Revenue1 P Home LPSCL1
Th 12 Dec P Justice Railsport1 LPSCL1
Th 12 Dec Pimlico4 Revenue3 LPSCL3
W 18 Dec Treasury 2 Pimlico4 Post
Th 19 Dec Revenue 2 Pimlico3 Post
W 8 Jan DHSS1 P Home LPSCL1
Th 9 Jan P Justice GLCC1 LPSCL1
Th 9 Jan Pimlico3 TfL CLL2
Th 9 Jan Pimlico4 GLCC3 LPSCL3
W 15 Jan Railsport Pimlico B CLL1
Th 16 Jan Pimlico K Athenaeum CLL1
Th 16 Jan Pimlico3 DHSS2 LPSCL2
Th 16 Jan Pimlico4 DHSS CLL3
W 22 Jan KCL2 Pimlico4 CLL3
Th 23 Jan Pimlico3 K Head1 CLL2
Th 23 Jan Battersea1 Pimlico B CLL1
Th 23 Jan Pimlico K HMC1 CLL1
Th 30 Jan Pimlico B Pimlico K CLL1
Th 30 Jan K Head2 Pimlico4 CLL3
Th 6 Feb P Home Revenue1 LPSCL1
Th 6 Feb UNATS1 P Justice LPSCL1
Th 6 Feb Pimlico4 LL5
F 7 Feb L Deaf Pimlico3 CLL2
W 12 Feb Railsport Pimlico K CLL1
Th 13 Feb Pimlico B Battersea2 CLL1
Th 13 Feb Pimlico3 GLCC2 LPSCL2
Th 13 Feb Pimlico4 H Juniors CLL3
Th 20 Feb P Justice DHSS1 LPSCL1
Th 20 Feb Post Semi Final? Post
Th 20 Feb UNATS2 Pimlico4 LPSCL3
W 26 Feb Treasury2 Pimlico3 LPSCL2
Th 27 Feb Pimlico K Rangers CLL1
Th 27 Feb Pimlico B Athenaeum CLL1
Th 27 Feb Pimlico4 LL5
W 4 Mar Treasury3 Pimlico4 LPSCL3
Th 5 Mar Pimlico K Pimlico B CLL1
Th 5 Mar Pimlico4 HMC3 CLL3
W 11 Mar Railsport2 Pimlico3 LPSCL2
Th 12 Mar P Justice P Home LPSCL1
Th 12 Mar Pimlico4 LL5
T or W Jessie Garner SF
W 18 Mar Railsport1 P Home LPSCL1
Th 19 Mar P Justice Revenue1 LPSCL1
Th 19 Mar Pimlico3 KCL1 CLL2
Th 19 Mar Streatham Pimlico4 CLL3
2 x Bonar Law SF this week
Th 26 Mar Battersea3 Pimlico3 CLL2
Th 2 Apr Battersea1 Pimlico K CLL1
Th 2 Apr Pimlico3 W London CLL2
Th 2 Apr Pimlico4 LL5
Tu 7 Apr GLCC3 Pimlico4 LPSCL3
Tu 7 Apr GLCC1 P Justice LPSCL1
W 15 Apr Railsport1 P Justice LPSCL1
Th 16 Apr K Head1 Pimlico3 CLL2
Th 16 Apr Revenue3 Pimlico4 LPSCL3
Th 16 Apr Pimlico3 Railsport2 LPSCL2
Th 23 Apr Battersea2 Pimlico K CLL1
Th 23 Apr Rangers Pimlico B CLL1
Th 23 Apr Pimlico4 LL5
Th 30 Apr P Home UNATS1 LPSCL1
Th 30 Apr Pimlico3 Treasury1 LPSCL2
Th 30 Apr Pimlico4 LL5
W 6 May DHSS Pimlico4 CLL3
5 or 6 May Cup Finals
Th 14 May P Home GLCC1 LPSCL1
Th 14 May Revenue2 Pimlico3 LPSCL2
Th 14 May Pimlico4 DHSS3 LPSCL3
Th 21 May Pimlico3 Battersea3 CLL2
Th 21 May Pimlico4 LL5