Open Club Championship

The 2016/17 event is now concluded. No clear winner emerged.

Details of the 2017/18 event will be published shortly.

Single round, all play all. All moves in 75 minutes plus 15 seconds per move. Toss for colours. July 2016 grades.

The following have so far entered the 2016/17 event:-

Robert Stern 167

Matthew Baker 165

Samir Samadov 165

Sabrina Needham 164

Hamilton McMillan 159

Gianfranco Ameri 145

Steve Sonnis 137

Paul Haddock 126

Stephen Meyler u/g

Results to 26 May, white names first:-

Sonnis drew with Ameri

Sonnis beat Needham

Haddock beat Baker

Needham beat Meyler

McMillan beat Sonnis

Sonnis drew with Haddock

Stern drew with Baker

Stern beat McMillan

Baker lost to Sonnis

Ameri beat Haddock

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